– Opens ‘Humax Art Room,’ an exhibition space for artworks

– Exhibits artworks for residents and a path to find new artists

(August 11, 2015)… Humax opens an exhibition space, ‘Humax Art Room’ where local residents can appreciate artworks.

Humax (CEO, Kim Tae-Hun), a global gateway provider, announces that the company opens an exhibition space, ‘Humax Art Room’ on the second floor of its office building located in Bundang, Seongnam and exhibits artworks of new artists.

While the Headquarters building was undergoing renovations to mark the 10th anniversary of its construction, the existing conference room was transformed into a new art gallery and now is open to the public.

Humax will run about 10 times of art exhibitions this year, offering opportunities for local residents to watch various artworks for free. Humax Art Room will discover and introduce new promising artists by offering exhibition opportunities for new artists those who have less exhibition opportunities.

In 2007, Humax opened an art hall on the lower ground floor of the Headquarters under the motto ‘Sharing Culture’ to share cultural experiences with local residents and hosted many quality cultural performances since then. Humax is again expecting that the Art Room will be another place to share cultural experiences and to expand a relationship with local residents.

The first exhibition will be an individual exhibition (Title: From your mind) of artist Na Yu-Rim which shows amazing creativity and fantasy. The exhibition will be held from August 11 to September 11 (8 AM – 8 PM), and the artwork can be purchased on the spot.  The exhibition is curated by ‘A Company’, an event agency, specialized in curating.

An official of Humax said, “The Art Room will be a simple yet meaningful place since people can enjoy artworks in their daily lives at corporate office space. We expect many local residents to visit the Art Room to see unique artworks and develop artistic sensitivity and at the same this will be a place to support the development of new talented artists.

Jeong Jiyeon, CEO of A Company said, “With Humax Art Room, we will look for many new talented artists and display their artworks. Since it is fairly different from conventional galleries, it will be a unique place where people can find pleasure and comfort in art.”