Humax supplies UHD set-top boxes with Android TV operating system to T-Broad, South Korea’s largest cable TV operator. To enhance the service competitiveness of cable TV, Android TV operating system was applied to the products.

The introduction of T-broad’s Android TV OS UHD set-top box is the third among South Korea’s cable TV operators.

Humax Android TV OS Set Top Box

Humax Android TV OS Set Top Box

This new UHD set-top box adopts the latest Android OS 9.0 Pie and is an IP Hybrid model that supports the cable modem communication standard DOCSIS 3.0 on the latest Android TV, and also includes a middleware and a Conditional Access System solution for cable broadcasting services.

The key specifications include Broadcom’s quad-core 1.6GHz application processor, cable modem, 8GB internal memory and 2GB RAM to fully meet the requirements of Android TV.

With the supply of Humax’s Android TV OS UHD set-top boxes, T-Broad can support “YouTube” and AI service “Google Assistant” and provide about 5,000 Android TV apps to the customers through Google’s app store. It is expected to be able to provide new services while upgrading its services.

A representative of T-Broad said, “Considering the scalability of cable TV services, we have decided to introduce Humax’s Android TV OS UHD set-top box, which offers Android Hybrid TV’s reliable Turnkey Solution, based on Humax’s long experience in the set-top box industry”. Jeff Kim, EVP Worldwide Sales of Humax said, “We are expanding the Android TV OS set-top box business that can efficiently provide various services to the customers in the global broadcasting market as well as the supply for Korea’s cable TV operator T-Broad.”