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WHAT HI FI 2016-02-21


In the olden days you watched whatever was on television. If you didn’t want to do that, you either watched regardless or left the room.
The Humax FVP-4000T is the opposite of that. It’s a Freeview Play box, which means, as well as accessing the usual catch-up services
via their apps,


• "It starts up quickly - several times faster. Next, the on-screen menus are simpler and more responsive, with straightforward buttons
on the remote to skip between functions.
• "The electronic programme guide works well, allowing a series to be recorded at the touch of a button…"
• "Picture quality is excellent, both on HD channels and on standard definition, where the box does a good job
of upscaling the picture to high-def over an HDMI cable."
• There's a great media player app that automatically finds photos and videos on other computers within a home network...
The box does the same trick with USB memory sticks and external hard drives, making it a versatile media hub


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