Software Release




Software Details
– Application version: UKTFAE 1.01.31
– Loader version: UKTFAE 1.05
– Update date: 05 AUG 2016
– Available date: 22 AUG 2016

New Features and Improvements
-. Added Remote Recordings
-. Improved UKTV Player Stability
-. Improved User Interface (Settings Icon and so on)
-. Improved System Stability

Steps to upgrade SW via USB
1. Download the latest software version and save it to an empty USB memory stick. (The file name should be fvp4000t_upgrade.hdf)
2. Please make sure the software is saved in the root of the USB stick.
3. Insert the USB memory stick into FVP-4000T on USB port.
4. Please press Home -> Settings -> System Settings -> System Information -> and press ‘OK’ button on Check New Software.
5. When the download progress stops it may take up to 5 minutes for it to restart so ‘DO NOT TURN OFF FVP-4000T’
6. To confirm successful update, please go to Home -> Settings – > System Settings -> System Information and check ‘Software Version’


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